Aikido Document

The following is a reproduction of a document issued by Tachio Ohori, Superintendent General of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. The original document authorizes the teaching of Yoshinkai Aikido to the Tokyo Metropolitan Riot Police.



1. Designation:  Aikido Yoshinkai Foundation (Aikido Yoshinkan)
2. Location:  2-28-8, Kamiochiai, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 161 Japan
3. History: 

Aikido Yoshinkan under Kancho Gozo Shioda Sensei commenced teaching Aikido to the Metropolitan Police Department at various dojos in Tokyo from Showa 35 (1960).

Aikido Yoshinkan commenced teaching special Aikido courses for members of the elite Metropolitan Riot Police at the Aikido Yoshinkan Hombu Dojo from Showa 39 (1964).

The Aikido Yoshinkai officially became the Aikido Yoshinkai Foundation from Showa 45 (1970).

Yoshinkan Aikido commenced being an official part of the training curriculumn for all female members of the Metropolitan Police from Showa 47 (1972).

4. Remarks: 

Yoshinkan Aikido is the only style of Aikido officially recognized and studied by the Metropolitan Police.

Every month, Instructors from the Yoshinkan Hombu Dojo, visit the dojos of the Metropolitan Riot Police to teach Yoshinkan Aikido.

   Issued On November 24, 1989.
Tachio Ohori - Superintendent General - Metropolitan Police Department

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