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Dye Sensei

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Elbowlocks and Takedowns
Wristlock Takedowns
Reverse-Hand Takedowns
Fingerlocks, Pressure Points and Hair Pulls
Weapon Retention Techniques
Handgun and Shotgun Disarming Techniques
Advanced Defensive Techniques : Level 1
Advanced Defensive Techniques : Level 2
Budo Videos
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Combes Sensei

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From the back cover

Considered by many to be the most humane of all the fighting arts, aiki-do was founded by Japanese grandmaster Morihei Ueshiba. Ueshiba spent his lifetime devoted to the ancient jujutsu arts. Now know as Aikido, his art consists of highly effective joint locks, pressure points, leverage, balance and throwing techniques that require minimum effort to yield the maximum results. The fact that police agencies around the world have since adopted and incorporated aikido in their training curriculum is testimonial to the efficacy of this art's apprehension and retraining techniques. In this 5-volume video series, Sam Combes Sensei - a retired police officer who holds a 6th-degree black belt from the Yoshinkai Aiki-do Institute in Japan - teaches the kata, self-defense and weapons techniques which form the cornerstone of this art.

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