Black Belt Testing - Goals


It is the goal of Shuyokan Ryu not only to develop the martial arts skills of the student, but also to develop the character of the student.

To this end, each level of black belt has a theme associated that underlies the training for the dan (Black Belt) ranks. Themes such as commitment, creativity and service all act together to develop the character of the student.

The following chart indicates the training commitment required by the student to achieve the dan ranks in the Shuyokan Ryu System. Time in grade and training hours must be documented.


  To Be Eligible
to Test For
Time In Grade Regular
Class Hours
Black Belt
Class Hours
1     Shodan   1 Year as 1st Kyu   90 Hours   15 Hours
2     Nidan   1 Year as Shodan   90 Hours   15 Hours
3     Sandan   2 Years as Nidan 180 Hours   30 Hours
4     Yondan   3 Years as Sandan 270 Hours   45 Hours
5     Godan   4 Years as Yondan 360 Hours   60 Hours
6     Rokudan   5 Years as Godan 450 Hours   75 Hours
7     Shichidan   6 Years as Rokudan 540 Hours   90 Hours
8     Hachidan   7 Years as Shichidan 630 Hours 105 Hours


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