Black Belt Testing - Sandan


The theme of the Sandan test is Creation.

The focus of the Sandan test is ability to create.

The candidate shall create their own test that not only demonstrates proficiency, but also exhibits a variety of techniques and the philosophy of the Shuyokan Ryu teaching system.

The examination shall self-test the candidate to a level acceptable to all Shuyokan Yudansha.


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Permission to Test

Test Administrator calls the Sandan Candidate
Candidate Introduces Self, States Qualifications and Requests Permission to Test
Sensei Acknowledges

Minimum Test Requirements

  1. Katas
  2. Empty Hand Techniques
  3. Ground Techniques
  4. Defense Against Weapons
  5. Techniques Using Weapons
  6. Sensei's Interview
  7. Freestyle
  8. Questions from Sensei & Board



The Sandan examination shall be created entirely by the candidates themselves. If desired, the candidates may act as their own Test Administrator or choose someone else to administer the test. The examination shall follow the general protocol of Shuyokan.

The candidate may solicit advice from any Shuyokan Yudansha in preparing for the test. Sensei is not to see or have knowledge of any part of the test until the actual time of the examination.

The candidates may choose any and all Ukes, however, Sensei reserves the right to make last minute changes.

The candidate will be graded on selection of techniques, technique performance and the ability of the examination format to adequately test the candidate.


Permission To Test

When requested, the candidate should state their name, current rank, time in grade, training hours in rank and the rank for which they are testing. This will be followed by a formal request to test. Sensei will acknowledge.


  1. All time in grade requirements and training hours must be documented and presented at time of testing.
  2. The Shuyokan Sandan Test must be performed either at the Shuyokan Ryu dojo or at the Shuyokai dojo under the supervision of a representative from the Hombu dojo. No DVDs are acceptable.
  3. As a minimum, least 75% or more of the techniques performed on this test must be Shuyokan Ryu techniques. The balance may be made up of Shuyokai techniques.

Shuyokan Sayings

"Success has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It's what you do for others. --- Danny Thomas"