Dedication of Shuyokan Ryu

Sensei Dye Named as Soke
at Formal Dedication of Shuyokan Ryu

Costa Mesa, California
April 7, 2000


  Formal Dedication of Shuyokan Ryu
Formal Dedication

At a ceremony attended by more than 100 people from as far away as Mexico, Nevada, and Oklahoma, Shuyokan celebrated its 20th year of serving the community of Costa Mesa with martial arts and Sensei David Dye's 38 years of martial arts training.

Shuyokan received a Resolution from the California State Legislature Assembly and a Proclamation from the Mayor's Office of the City of Costa Mesa commemorating the years of service to the community and Sensei Dye's dedication to training in the martial arts.

During the ceremony, formal documentation was presented to Sensei Dye by the World Professional Black Belt Martial Art Organization naming him as Soke (first generation founder) of Shuyokan Ryu. Sensei Dye was also promoted to the rank of Judan (10th Degree Black Belt) of Shuyokan Ryu. Those who were present and signed these documents were Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu (10th Dan Founder and Grandmaster of the World Professional Black Belt Martial Art Organization and Olohe of the Lua Halau O Kaihewalu), Professor Jimmy Ibrao (10th Dan Shaolin Kung Fu and one of Ed Parker's first Black Belts), Grandmaster Richard Nunez (10th Dan No-Ka-Oi and Instructor of Lima Lama), Master David Torres (10th Dan Torres Kenpo Karate), and Sensei Richard Rabago (7th Dan Shorin-Ryu Karate).

Shuyokan Ryu has its roots from Yoshinkan Aikido, Kodokan Judo and Jujutsu and Shotokan Karate. With this documentation and title, Sensei Dye will be able to traditionally pass down and designate a Nidai Soke (second generation dministrator of the Ryu) and Nidai Sensei (second generation Chief Instructor) of Shuyokan Ryu.

Shuyokan Sayings

"Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts. --- Sir Winston Churchill"