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Ancient Hawaiian Martial Art of Kaihewalu 'Ohana Lua

Ancient Hawaiian Martial Art of Kaihewalu 'Ohana LuaPublished by Kaihewalu 'Ohana Publishing
First Edition © 2006
ISBN 0-9779879-8-1

Written by 'Õlohe Solomon Kaihewalu, and Edited by David Dye, this rare book, with over 160 photos, introduces for the very first time the family Hawaiian martial art of Kaihewalu Lua showing Empty Hand vs. Punching Techniques, Empty Hand vs. Weapons, and Weapons vs. Weapons. Also included is a brief history of the Ancient Kapu (forbidden) art of Hawaiian Lua, history of the Kaihewalu family Hawaiian martial art of Lua, its animal forms as used in Hula dancing compared to the martial art of Kaihewalu Lua, weapons that were used in Lua both as farming tools and for combat, rare photos, and an extensive glossary of Hawaiian Lua terms in both English and Hawaiian.

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Martial Arts Dictionary, by Thomas R. Jenkins

Martial Arts Dictionary, by Thomas R. JenkinsPeople of the English speaking world who study the traditional Japanese martial arts are confronted with the challenge of learning the terminology of Japanese martial arts. Conventional Japanese dictionaries supply words necessary for daily communication in society as a whole, but unfortunately lack the technical words of the martial arts. The purpose of this dictionary is to provide the reader with an accurate listing of the words and phrases of Japanese martial arts, their appropriate Chinese characters, and the English translations from a martial arts point of view. This dictionary can serve as a reliable reference regardless of the reader's skill level in the Japanese language.

This unique, meticulously researched, 512 page book is a must for the serious student of Japanese martial arts. The general body of this dictionary is presented in a table format of three columns for easy viewing. The left column has the Japanese name in roman letters. To aid the reader, the dictionary includes various prefix, suffix, combining, and irregular names, that are not included in conventional Japanese dictionaries. The center column has the appropriate Chinese characters (kanji) in easy to read 18-point font with a reference number to the well known standard for kanji, the Nelson Japanese-English Character Dictionary. The right column has the English translation. In addition, the dictionary has three appendices on the nuances of the Japanese language.

Some of the many subjects found in this dictionary:

Aikido -
Aikijujutsu -
Amma -
Battojutsu -
Bungei -
Bushido -
Butsudo -
Chado -
Haiku -
Heiho -
Iaido -
Jodo -
Jojutsu -
Judo -
Jujitsu -
 way of accord
 techniques of gentle accord
 Japanese massage
 sword cutting
 literary arts
 way of the samurai
 way of tea
 Japanese poetry
 military strategy
 way of sword drawing
 way of the staff
 staff techniques
 way of suppleness
 techniques of suppleness
Kaibogaku -
Kappo -
Karate -
Kendo -
Kenpo -
Kyudo -
Kyusho -
Naginata -
Ninjutsu -
Reigisaho -
Ryuha -
Seifukujutsu -
Shinto -
Sumo -
Zen -
 anatomical terms of the human body
 resuscitation methods
 empty hand combat
 way of the sword
 Chinese fist
 way of archery
 vital points of the body
 halberd techniques
 arts of subterfuge
 Japanese etiquette
 Japanese martial systems
 healing arts
 Japanese ancestral religion
 Japanese wrestling
 silent meditation
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A Book of Five Rings, The Classic Guide to Strategy
by Miyamoto Musashi

A Book of Five Rings, The Classic Guide to StrategyFrom the web site:

Since the publication of its first English translation in 1974, The Book of Five Rings has become an underground classic in the American business community, where it is studied as a text on Japanese management techniques. Here are timeless principles of craft, skill, timing, and spirit from a great samurai warrior - plus background on Zen, Bushido, Heiho, and Musashi's life. Two color.

The best-selling Japanese classic of conflict and strategy - studied for its insights into the Japanese approach to business strategy - from the translator of The Art of War. Cleary's rendering of the text presents an accessible, jargon-free translation along with another important Japanese classic on leadership and strategy, The Book of Family Traditions on the Art of War by Yagyu Munenori.

ISBN: 0-8795-1153-2

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Secrets of the Samurai, The Martial Arts of Feudal Japan
by Oscar Ratti and Adele Westbrook

Secrets of the Samurai, The Martial Arts of Feudal JapanFrom the web site:

A reader from Tokyo , August 17, 1999
A classic comprehensive survey. Solid research, great writing, and illustrations that bring the world of the martial arts of feudal Japan to life on the page.

A reader from Paris , July 26, 1999
This is a great book! After reading AIKIDO AND THE DYNAMIC SPHERE, by the same authors, I heard about this book. What a find! In words and images, it conveys the spirit of the ancient martial arts of Japan - their histories, cultural impact, right down to their strategies and equipment. Part III, in particular, is magnifique!

A reader from Boston , June 24, 1999
A superbly written and illustrated volume on this subject. When you have read this book you will understand why it has become a classic. Among all the fine books that have been written about the ancient martial arts of feudal Japan,this one is, quite simply, the best.

ISBN: 0-7858-1073-0

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Complete Book of Self-Defense, by Bruce Tegner

Complete Book of Self-Defense, by Bruce TegnerFrom the web site:

A good solid introduction to self defense
Reviewer: A reader from Nova Scotia, Canada, April 14, 1999 - I bought this book when it was first published as a teen also studying shotokan karate.I have to admit that I find the methods in this book to be more practical than the karate I took.I don't agree with everything Tegner wrote, but if you are looking to learn practical self defense without spending years in a martial arts class, then this book could really help you.I would recommend that you also read Rex Applegate, Fairbairn or Brad Steiner to add some real dirty methods to your overall training.But overall, a good book as a foundation.

ISBN: 0-8740-7030-9

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