History of Shuyokan Ryu

Soke Coin Unveiled

Dye Sensei has announced a newly minted, and one-of-a-kind personally designed, Shuyokan Ryu Soke Coin. Those students receiving the rank of Shodan in any of the Shuyokan Ryu arts, will be personally presented with the Soke Coin symbolizing their acceptance into the Ryu and the passing of the spirit and the knowledge of the Soke down to the student.

Shuyokan Ryu Soke Coin - Front Shuyokan Ryu Soke Coin - Back
Front Back

On the front of the coin is the Shuyokan mon (crest) and the date that Shuyokan was founded. The mon consists of three Ginkgo leaves representing the mind, body, and spirit of Shuyokan Ryu. The cluster of three Ginkgo leaves are red in color representing the "blood line" of Shuyokan Ryu, which is Aikido, Judo and Karate Jutsu.

On the backside of the coin is the Kanji of "Shugyo" which translates to strong or austere training and mastering of one's self. Below the Kanji is the word Yudansha that translates to "holder of the black belt". Only those students holding a black belt ranking in Shuyokan Ryu can receive the Soke Coin.

On April 7, 2000, Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu anointed Sensei Dye with the title of Soke of Shuyokan Ryu. Since that time, many positive and wonderful things have transpired at Shuyokan which have helped to enrich the growth and nurture the legacy of Shuyokan Ryu.

At this year’s annual holiday party (2000), Dye Sensei presented the first Soke Coin to Olohe Solomon Kaihewalu. Since the holders of the Soke Coin must have a Black Belt ranking in Shuyokan Ryu, Dye Sensei presented Olohe with an Honorary Shuyokan Ryu Black Belt Certificate, which is the very first, and to date only, Honorary Black Belt certificate ever to be issued by Shuyokan. The framed certificate included the Soke Coin and the traditional Shuyokan Ryu Black Belt patch. Following this presentation, Dye Sensei presented the remaining Shuyokan Yudansha with their Soke Coins.

Olohe's Honorary Black Belt Certificate
Olohe's Honorary Black Belt Certificate
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Jutte Awarded To Shuyokan 5th Dan’s

Jutte awarded to Shuyokan 5th Dan'sDye Sensei announced the adoption of the Jutte as the official symbolic weapon of Shuyokan for those who hold the rank of 5th Dan or higher in Shuyokan Ryu. The Jutte, which translates to "10 hands", is a weapon symbolic of a badge of office, or rank, recognizing the relative status as a leader of honor, loyalty, integrity, and authority in Shuyokan Ryu.

During the annual Shuyokan Ju-Te Kanjiholiday party, Dye Sensei presented this symbolic weapon to four Shuyokan 5th Dans: Sensei Bob Smith, Sensei Leonard Takahashi, Sensei Paul Hayes and Sensei Scott Harrington.

The black tassel attached to the Jutte represents the holder of the Black Belt in our Ryu. The Jutte shall be worn at all formal Shuyokan testing and any formal dedications where Shuyokan is represented by any or all of our Yudansha holding the rank of 5th Dan or higher.

Shuyokan Sayings

"It's not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what's required. --- Sir Winston Churchill"