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Kodokan Judo, by Jigoro Kano

Kodokan Judo, by Jigoro KanoFrom the Amazon.com web site:

A comprehensive reference. Reviewer: bennetkj@wt.net from Houston, TX, October 14, 1999 Although this book is a comprehensive reference (which is the intent) it doesn't make much mention of training techniques, gripping, combinations or transition. If you want a reference text to find out what ashi guruma is, or what the next technique in the nage-no kata is, this is an excellent book. If, however, your problem is what to do to set up an opponent for harai goshi, this book will not help much. It is still an excellent reference and the introductory passages by Kano are worth reading.

One of the best ever! A reader from Vancouver, September 28, 1999 A comprehensive work and all the technique are shown clearly. Excellent on every aspect although BEST JUDO has a slightly better section on groundwork. A must have for all martial artists.

Kodakan Judo is complete. Reviewer: A reader from Colorado, USA September 23, 1999
If you are looking for a good book regarding judo, this book is a great discriptor of the art. it goes into the history, principals, basic needed knowledge and a very large number of technics. Recommended for beginner to expert.

ISBN: 4-7700-1799-5

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The Sport of Judo As in Japan Practiced
by Kobayashi, Kiyoshi Kobayashi, Harold E. Sharp (Contributor)

The Sport of Judo As in Japan PracticedFrom the Amazon.com web site:

By Edgar - Judo Book, December 10, 2009
This is one of the old, simple books on Judo. No frills and no extended theory. Just the real stuff done by men who know the sport. This is a great book for any Judo student to learn from and to keep as a reference. Bought a bunch of them as gifts for my Judo students.

By John Grove (Simi Valley, CA) I love this old book on Judo, November 26, 2009 An oldie but goodie. This is certainly one of the better "old" judo books both in the book size, pictures and explanation. I still refer to it time and time again.

By Chud (San Diego, CA) Good for those new to the Sport and Art of Judo, December 15, 2005
Shows the basic Judo moves and techniques in an easy to follow format. Starting with how to fall properly to basic and intermediate throws and counter throws. I would recommend this book to people new to Judo and high school/college wrestling, due to its simplicity and to-the-point photos and movement explainations.

By Walter Reade (Appleton, WI United States) Good pictures and helpful pointers, November 28, 2002 The beginning and intermediate Judo student will be pleased with book. It is a good introduction to the major Judo techniques, starting with the basics such as falling and unbalancing you opponent, and then introducing a number of the more common techniques (throws, sweeps, chokes, and holds). Each technique is accompanied by a number of pictures showing the progression of the moves (including different variations) as well as good explanatory text. There is good reason that this book has had 48 printings!

ISBN: 0-8048-0542-3

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Japan's Ultimate Martial Art, Jujitsu before 1882
by Darrell Max Craig

Japan's Ultimate Martial Art, Jujitsu before 1882From the Amazon.com web site:

A reader from Singapore, July 5, 1999
Great overview of Jujutsu techniques. I like this book from an Aikidoka viewpoint in that it offers a good variety of techniques, from a practical standpoint. I find myself coming back to the book every time I think about how to execute certain movements in real situations. A fun and instructional book to have.

Mark Barlow (barlowacad@mindspring.com), June 16, 1999
Jujitsu in an historical perspective. Craig Sensei has provided the jujitsu community with a look at their roots. An honest, well documented study of the golden age of traditional Jujitsu with a brief discussion and illustration of many of the lesser known techniques of Jujitsu.

patric@earthlink.net from San Antonio, Texas, February 5, 1999
A well written and informative book. Sensei Craig is very good at presenting Martial Art related material in a entertaining and dynamic manner. This book features some nice techniques and martial art related stories.

ISBN: 0-8048-3027-4

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