Non-Standard Payments

Using this option, you can send Shuyokan a payment for any amount. You may use this to pay for any plan not listed elsewhere in this section, such as family rate plans, and to purchase pre-paid blocks of training time.   Send money using PayPal

After you click on the button above, there are 2 items that you may need guidance on:

1) First, you will all be asked for the Recipient's Email. Please use this email address:

2) There is a field entitled Type. Please select Service.


     *There are no full or partial refunds, for any reason, on any unused portions of any Shuyokan membership plan.
     * Using PayPal, your credit card will be charged once each month until you choose to cancel your membership plan.
     * It is up to the individual to monitor when his/her time is running out and sign up for additional training time as desired.
     * Contact Shuyokan for discount and family rates
     * Can't attend unlimited classes? Contact Shuyokan for prepaid blocks of training time.


We accept credit cards in the dojo office, but we also accept payments online with PayPal. All payments are made securely and privately. Your card bank statement will show your charge listed as "PAYPAL *AIKIDOFEDCA".

You don't need a PayPal account. Feel free to use the credit card of your choice.


Shuyokan Sayings

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