PIN Instructions

Notice To All Members


Effective May 1, 2013, Shuyokan will be implementing an electronic method of check in for all Members who train at the Dojo.

Each Member will receive a card with a four (4) digit PIN that will be their permanent identification number. This PIN will never be duplicated or used for any other current or any future Member.

When Members arrive at the Dojo they will (#1) key in their PIN on the electronic key pad, (#2) verify the correct number on the digital screen and (#3) press the Enter key on the key pad which will then record the Member's arrival time and attendance.

This new method will be used to track each Member's attendance and training hours required for promotional testing. In addition it will be used for other administrative purposes to maintain accurate student records.

If a Member enters the wrong PIN they will not receive credit for attendance or training hours. Correct PIN entries will result in accurate records.

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