Shusuikan Dojo Dedication

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Shuyokan Dedicates New Dojo
Lodi, California - June , 2001

The Shuyokan Honbu Dojo dedicated its first dojo this week in northern California.

Dojo Presentation: Dye Sensei and Jeff Walker Sensei present Chris Sanford Sensei with the new Dojo Certificate and name Shusuikan.

Students, visitors, and family members attended the dedication as David Dye Sensei of the Shuyokan officially dedicated the dojo and presented Chris Sanford Sensei of the Lodi Shuyokai with its new name of Shusuikan. During the dedication, Dye Sensei told the students and guests that he chose water, which is one of the five elements of Shusuikan Hankonature, as the theme for the dedication because water has no form or shape until it is poured into or over something. It symbolizes a thirst for knowledge in the study of the martial arts Shusuikan Hanko. He reminded everyone that although water may appear to be very weak in appearance, it can in time make a jagged rock very round and smooth to the touch. He also said that we can live without food, but now water. Sensei Sanford was also presented with the official Shusuikan Hanko to be used on offical dojo documents.

It is also customary that when a Honbu Dojo names a dojo as part of its family, it gives it a part of its name. In this case, Dye Sensei decided to give the word "Shu" from Shuyokan as part of the new name.

Shuyokan Martial Arts Center - Costa Mesa, CA USA

When added to the Japanese word Mizukan (house of water) it becomes Shusuikan, which means to master or cultivate one's self through training in the house of water.

Prior to the ceremony, Shuyokan Ryu Taiho Jutsu Black Belt and Goshin Jutsu Kyu testing was conducted. Assisting Dye Sensei in the testing was Sensei Jeff Walker, Director of Shuyokan Ryu Taiho Jutsu. After the testing was completed, Dye Sensei and Walker Sensei awarded Taiho Jutsu Nidan (2nd degree Black Belt) Certificates to Sensei Chris Sanford and students Mark Crews and Ray Marchant.

Prior to awarding the Goshin Jutsu Kyu Certificates to the students, Dye Sensei had Sensei Sanford officially sign the certificates as his first official duty of the newly dedicated dojo. Each Shuyokan Kyu Certificate had the official Shusuikan stamp affixed to it. The 4th Kyu Certificates were then presented to Renee Templeton and Fred Tempelton by Dye Sensei, Walker Sensei, and Sanford Sensei.

Class Photo: Ray Marchant, Fred Templeton, Renee Templeton, Mark Crews, Jeff Walker Sensei, Chris Sanford Sensei, Dye Sensei

Training at Shusuikan along with all future Kyu and Dan exams will now be under the testing requirements and standards of the Shuyokan Honbu Dojo.

Shuyokan Sayings

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