The Shuyokan Ryu Mon - The History of the Ginkgo

The Shuyokan Ryu Mon The Shuyokan Ryu Mon

The History Of The Ginkgo
The Ginkgo tree is the sole survivor of a plant group that lived over 250 million years ago among the reptile-ridden landscape in the temperate regions of both hemispheres during the Mesozoic era. It is a tree which has in its keeping the secrets of immeasurable past. Glaciers of the ice age erased it from the earth along with the dinosaurs, except in a corner of China.

It was at the Shaolin Temple in the Honan province where the last remaining plants of the Ginkgo tree were discovered. These trees were cultivated and revered by the monks of the temple who saved them from extinction.

The Ginkgo is known for its many virtues. One such virtue is the possession of the human quality of loyalty. Today, Ginkgo trees are only found where they have been planted. In the Fall, their leaves turn a beautiful golden yellow and can be seen glittering in the morning sun.

Pollution, insects, and disease do not easily affect the Ginkgo tree. It has no relatives in its family or species. This golden fossil tree, as it is sometimes called, is the sole survivor of a very ancient group.


The Shuyokan Ryu Icho Mon
A cluster of three Ginkgo leaves has been chosen for the official Shuyokan Ryu Mon (crest). The word "Icho" is Japanese for Ginkgo. Each one of the three Ginkgo leaves represents the "Shugyo" of each of the three martial arts that make up Shuyokan Ryu. The Shuyokan Ryu Mon shall be worn by all Shuyokan Yudansha Shodan or higher. The Mon is to be worn on the upper back of the uniform centered between the shoulders with the top of the Mon 1 ½ inches from the bottom of the uniform collar seam. This Mon will also appear on all documents issued by the Kokusai Shuyokan Ryu Renshukai Renmei USA under the direction and name of David Dye Sensei.

  Sensei Dye The Shuyokan Ryu Icho Mon








Posted 9-8-2001

Shuyokan Sayings

"Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven't planted. --- David Bly"