Women's Self-Defense

A non-martial arts oriented, self-defense workshop for women and girls.

Ages 14 and up

Self-Defense Awareness is the first step in being prepared to face any physical confrontation. Knowing how to use your personal body weapons such as your hands, feet, elbows and knees could help you to overcome a personal attack. Simple and practical techniques that do no require any physical strength to defend against a personal attack will be taught to participants. Also covered in these workshops are the California laws of self-defense. Regardless of your size, age, or physical limitations, there is something for everyone in this course. It is recommended that participants wear comfortable workout clothing. Participants completing the workshop will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Classes offered upon request for groups of 10 or more students - 3 hours in length.

Please contact Shuyokan for more details and to schedule a workshop of your own.

A Student's Personal Testimony:

The following is from a student who currently trains with Sensei Dye. The incident was reported to the local police.

"I have been training with Sensei Dye for about 4 or 5 semesters learning general self-defense. During the Summer of 2010, I was walking down a street when a man came up from behind me and attacked me. As the man began yelling and getting more aggressive, I began to hear Sensei Dye's voice in my head telling me to keep my distance. I was lucky that it did not go any further, but I know if it had proceeded to get worse I would have been able to defend myself thanks to the training I took. If it had not been for the classes I have taken with Sensei Dye I might not have reacted the right way. Thank you Sensei"

Maria S.
August 2010

Shuyokan Sayings

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