Traditional and Practical Training in Martial Arts Reality

2018 Quarterly Black Belt Training

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Jan 27, Apr 28, Jul 28 & Oct 27


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September 6, 2017 – Shuyokan Honbu Dojo

Sensei Ronaldo Nilo of the Shuseikan Dojo, a branch Dojo in Qatar since 2004, formally receives his 6th Dan in Shuyokan Ryu Aikijutsu from Sensei David Dye, Soke of Shuyokan, during his visit to the United States to train with students at the Honbu Dojo.

After the extensive training and to celebrate Sensei Dye's 55th year in the martial arts, Nilo Sensei presented Sensei Dye with a special gift of a "Wind Catcher" which symbolizes and represents capturing the very essence of movement (wind) and the "Aiki" in one's training and teachings in the martial arts.

Special thanks goes to Nilo Sensei for coming to the Honbu Dojo to train and continuing to represent Shuyokan Ryu through his teachings of his students at the Shuseikan in Qatar. Osu!


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Shuyokan - "Serving Costa Mesa Since 1980"


There is no perfect martial art system. If there was, we would all be studying it. All martial art systems have something to offer and all have strengths and weaknesses. Many of the techniques used for combat against warriors of the 17th century cannot be used against the warriors of this century. Weapons have changed and so have the rules of modern day combat. Traditional training is important in a martial art, but we must also study the practical applications of the art as it applies to the modern day warriors of our century. This is Martial Arts Reality.

Shuyokan offers classes for adults, youth, and law enforcement in practical applications of the traditional martial arts of Yoshinkan Aikido, Kodokan Judo, Jujutsu and Shotokan Karate Jutsu.


Training is an investment in yourself and your family.


Self-Discipline is the best Discipline.


Hawaiian Lua is now being taught on Mondays from 7:15 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. This class is open to all parents of Recruits and any Youth Students or Samurai Cop Recruits holding the rank of 2nd kyu and up. The monthly fee is $15.00 for parents who have students currently enrolled at the dojo. Other students, both adult and youth, who train at the Dojo and wish to train in this class will also be required to pay the monthly fee of $15.00. Students are required to wear black workout pants and black polo shirts with a Lua patch provided and are required to purchase the Lua textbook. Students now have the opportunity to train and test for rank in Kaihewalu Hawiian Lua.

Shuyokan Sayings

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